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Gridbots Autosort™ is a realtime high speed sorting and grading system which can sort more than 1 lakh items per hour.

AutoSort™ uses advance machine vision to sort food items like cashews, potatoes, chips, french fries, potato flakes, dehydrated vegetables or Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) foods such as carrots or peas at very high speeds.

Most cost effective solution for your sorting, grading, foreign material and stones removal and packing needs. Operation can be based on item color, texture, size or appearance.

Multistation and nested sorting can be done based on above parameters.

High resolution cameras and multi spectral sensors are used with Gridbots gridEYE™ technology to detect defects at high speeds.Relieves client of manpower issues during season while delivering high quality product sorting at exceptional value.


Advanced Machine Vision & High Product Quality

Foreign Material Removal & Dehydrated Vegetables

Individual Quick Frozen

Item Color and Size

Item Texture and Appearance

Multistation Sorting and Grading

High Resolution Cameras

Multi Spectral Sensors & Nested Sorting