Upto 3000 scans per second

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Gridbots autoTRACK is one of the fastest and most accurate automatic object tracking and counting system.It comes with precise optics and high speed computing unit which help it to locate and track multiple objects simultaneously [Upto 3000 per second !]

The system can count tablets - seeds - washers - nut bolts at a very high speed. It can track 2D markers - object logos - active markers - custom shapes with X,Y,Z location and tilt angles with reference to world coordinates. The system can be daisy chained to cover more area.

Enormous applications like item Track-N-Trace - Person tracking for AR/VR/Analytic applications - Work Study etc. can be developed over autoTRACK Platform.


Low Distortion Optics and Electronics

400 Hz Read Rate

Precise Counting

Power Consumption

X,Y,Z Location

6 DOF Tracking

Tilt Angles

Track & Trace and Autotrack Platform


Dimensions [LxBxH] 50x100x50 mm
Read Rate 400 Hz
FOV 45-65 Degree [HxV]
Object Size Minimum :1 mm / Maximum : 200 mm
Tracking Object Type 2D Marker - Object Logo - AR Marker Custom Shape, Active Markers
Object Counting Type Seeds/Tablets/Washers/Nuts/Bolts
Power Consumption 20W @ 12 V
Interfaces Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Serial/I2C/SPI/CANBus
Weight 500g
Trigger Mode External and Free Running