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Gridbots Pick Pack series of Top Loading Robotic Packers can pack various items such as bottles, soaps, diapers, sanitary napkins, tetra packs, ice creams, packets, pouches at high speeds using Gridbots Spider Robots. The entire solution designed and manufactured by Gridbots.

We provide various options in case packing to clients so that they can pick and choose the relevant features as per their requirements. Using Gridbots Innovative Grippers we can pick and pack anything. The item picking and packing can be done directly from line or using a collation.

Gridbots Box Erector includes perfect square box forming technology and easy tape changing facility. The product is designed to ensure minimum box drops, alerts for low taping and low boxes.


Digital Screen

Messages Low Type, Low Boxes

Easy Tape Change

Automatic Size Adjustment

Adjustable Cycle Time

Attachment Edge / Top Tapping

Low Power Consumption

Box Drop Alarm and Fast ROI


Model Number GB-MH-PIK-PACK
Carton Range Length 200 To 400 mm

Width 100 To 400 mm

Height 100 To 350 mm
Gripper Vacuum / Parallel Jaw / Cassettle
Carton Size Adjustment Manual / Automatic
Tapping Option Bottom / Top
Glue Option Yes
Flap Handling Yes
Pneumatic Festo
Magazine Feed Capacity 200 Boxes - Indexing
Magazine Width 1000 MM
Box Type 3 / 5 Ply
Electrical Supply 230 Volt - Single Phase
Machine Weight 1000 Kg
Machine Dimension 2 Meter by 2 Meter excluding taping
Machine Finish MS Powder Coated
Machine Colour Metallic Gray
Robot Spider