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Gridbots Indexing Conveyor are suitable for precise positioning of work pieces while working with robotic systems

The system can be used for machining, tray filling - assembly operations etc.

Multiple motion profiles ranging from Trapezoidal to S-Curve Motion profile can be selected as per user needs.

The system can be interface with multiple types of Robotic systems - PLC's or manual controls.


Digital Control

Compact Footprint

Easy Change over

Auto Configuration

Variable Cycle Time

Servo Actuated

Low Power Consumption

Pneumatic-Servo Clamping and Long Life


Model Number GB-IC
Length Up to 3000 mm
Width Up to 1000 mm
Profile 30 mm High
Indexing accuracy ±1 mm
Power Consumption 500 Watts
Payload Upto 50 kg
Drive AC Servo