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High Speed Picking Robot

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Delta-2 is a high speed robot for picking and sorting of items from the conveyor belts.

This system comes with integrated machine vision and multiple gripper options where user can pick any item ranging from 2 mm to 250 mm in size.

The robot has a sturdy built with carbon fiber arms to minimize the moment of inertia of moving parts.

It utilizes gridMOVE series of controllers for lower operation power (Under 500 Watts) and precise control


Upto 100 Parts/Min

Just 500 Watts

Food Grade Ready

Multiple Gripper

Easy to Install

Robotic Swarm

Integrated Machine Vision

Fast ROI and High Speed


Model Number GB-MH-DLT2
Payload Upto 5 Kg
Part Size 2mm to 250 mm
Cycle Time 0.5 Seconds
System Resolution 0.3 mm
Working Area Hemispherical (Diameter=600 mm/ Height=200mm)
Vertical Stroke Resolution 0.1 mm
Vertical Stroke Speed 500 mm/ Sec
System Picking Speed 100 Parts per minute
Power Rating 500 Watts