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robot based fully automatic bag inspection system

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Gridbots Fabricheck is integrated machine vision solution for large item inspection. It can be used for polybags/cartons or any other item which can be picked and placed using vacuum.

The machine automatically checks an item for dimensions, print defect and fabric quality. It has two linear robots - one for pick and place of item from the stack to the inspection table, other from inspection table to accept and reject bins.

The bag inspection time is 2.5 seconds. The inspection can be done for the top and top /bottom both.


Low Power

Upto 30 PPM

Bag Size 400-1000 mm

intuitive GUI

Top/Bottom Inspection

Polybag, Sack, Carton, Flat objects

Resolution 2 mm

Realtime Results and USB 3.0


Dimensions [LxBxH] 6000x2000x2000 mm
Material Powder Coated MS
Item Size Length - 400 to 1000 mm

Width - 100 To 800 mm
Gripper Suction Cup
Size Adjustment Manual
Pneumatic Festo
Feed Capacity 100 Item stack, Automatic stack feeding to pick station
Electrical Supply 230 Volts Single phase
Interfaces USB 3.0
Weight 1000 KG
Finish Matt
Robot 2 Linear Robot
Robot Make Gridbots
Machine Vision Gridbots Inspectis
Camera Make Gridbots
Data Logging Yes with images
GUI Intutive
Receipe Yes
HMI 17" Inch