Gridbots Geometric Cam

Precise - non contact - agile measurement system

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Gridbots Geometric Cam can be used for non-contact precise measurements of objects ranging from 10-2500 mm within a tolerance of 10 Micron onwards and with a speed of upto 1000 parts per minute.

It can provides fast, easy, consistent measurements for industrial and research uses. With automatic edge and orientation detection, sub pixel processing, in-built lens aberration, large depth of view taking measurements have never been so easy.

The system uses multi Mega-Pixel cameras and provides unmatched size measurements capabilities with very high accuracies.


Edge Detection

Sub pixel Processing

Height Measurement Option

Easy Setup

Integrated Data Management

Part Recognition with Position & Orientation

Upto 1000 Parts/Minute

Multiple GPIO's


Model Number GB-GCAMXXXX
Max FOV 2500 mm x 2500 mm
Power Consumption 5W
Interfaces Multi Channel GPIO
Camera Pixel Size 6.0 x 6.0μm
Accuracy 10 Microns Onwards
No of Measurements Upto 1000 Per Minute