Glasso - Patterned Glass Inspection System

world’s only glass inspection system with 2.5 meter width

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Gridbots Glasso is integrated machine vision solution for online patterned glass inspection. It uses latest machine vision technologies to identify defects above 100 microns in real time.The system is applicable for solar, float and sheet glass.

The system checks various defects such as open and closed blisters, stones, spot, chip, scratches in realtime. It provides option of online glass thickness measurement and real time defect marking system.


Online High Speed Camera Based Inspection

Real Time Defects Marking System

Advanced LED Lighting

Online Thickness Measurement System

Applicable For Solar, Float and Sheet Glass

Reliable Defects Detection & Classification


Defect Size 100 Microns and above
Defect Type Open and Closed Blister, Stones, Spots, Chips, Knots, Scratches, Inclusions and Other defects
Defect Marking Real Time Defects Marking Option
GUI Intuitive, multi user control
Analysis Real time defects classification, Logging & Report generation
Usability Easy to use and Configure, Remote login and Maintenance, IOT ready system
Environment Non Clean Room Inspection