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This is an industrial grade Material Transport Robot which can carry a payload from 500 kg to 2000 kg in direct loading - towing or tunnel configurations.

It comes with completely automatic guidance based on natural features like LIDAR’s for mapping and stereo camera’s for depth maps.

The Robot features minimum turning radius - Automatic Obstacle Avoidance and Automatic System Health Monitoring and fleet management system for multiple AGV’s.


Natural Feature Navigation

Lidar Mapping

Stereo Camera

Fleet Mode

Wifi Connectivity

Smart Routing & E - Maps

Power DC36V

Automatic charging


Model Number GB-MT-GA
Guidance Natural Features
Travel Direction Forward Only
Communication Available Wifi
Driving Mode Steering Wheel Driving
Power DC36V
Load capacity 500 Kg/1000kg/2000kg.
Travel speed 0-30 m/min
Safety features Front obstacle sensor + Mechanical bumper sensor + Emergency stop button
Dimensions L1200 x W700 x H217 (mm)
Minimum turning radius 1200 mm
Ramp 1-2 degree
Guiding accuracy +- 5 cm
Stopping accuracy +- 5 cm
Workable 24 hours by optimizing automatic charging