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Autonomous Tugging AGV

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This is an industrial grade AGV which can carry a payload up to 500 kg in direct towing configurations.

The system comes with various options for automatic guidance like - magnetic,optical or vision based navigation system.

The Robot features minimum turning Radius or 1000 mm - Automatic Obstacle Avoidance based on safety zones and Automatic System Health Monitoring capabilities with real time fleet control module.


Natural Feature Navigation

Lidar Mapping

Stereo Camera

Fleet Mode

Wifi Connectivity

Smart Routing & E - Maps

Power DC36V

Automatic charging


Model Number GB-MT-GAT
Guidance Magnetic guidance / Natural Guidance / Laser Guidance
Travel Direction Forward Only
Communication Available Wifi [ 802.11]
Driving Mode Steering Wheel Driving
Power DC36V Batteries [ 400 Watt ]
Load capacity 500 Kg
Travel speed 0-20 m/min
Safety features Front obstacle sensor + Mechanical bumper sensor + Emergency stop button
Dimensions L1000 x W600 x H1000 (mm)
Minimum turning radius 1000 mm
Ramp 1-2 degree
Guiding accuracy +- 10 mm
Stopping accuracy +- 10 mm
Workable 24 hours by optimizing automatic charging
Type Tugger Type
Charging Method Manual charging or Automatic charging
Safety induction range Detecting range is less than 1m, Adjustable
Emergency braking distance is less than 20 mm
Alarm Sound and visual