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Artificial Intelligence enabled Automatic checkout System

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Gridbots autoChekout is 100% personless automatic checkout system for POS terminals - Unlike self checkout terminals which need people to checkout their own items Gridbots autoCheckout ensures the checkout process is foolproof and fully automatic.

The user just has to put items one by one on the conveyor where are are made to pass thru a 4 camera system which can read 1D/2D barcodes on the items on any surface like paper/polythene/metal/glass/laminate etc, apart from that an AI engine matches the product image with the system database and ensures that the product information which was read from the barcode matches the actual product.

If the barcode reading process is successful and product image is validated (which takes less than a second's time) then the product is dropped inside the carry bag which is automatically sealed once the items are over - In case there is any discrepancy in reading the barcode/absent barcode/damaged barcode/improper match of barcode and product - then the item is dropped inside the machine which later can be retrived.




Multiple Camera based system

Real Time matching of extracted data to DB

Advanced LED Lighting system

AI enabled product to barcode matching

Processing withing 1 Second

High uptime


Model Number GB-AUTOCHECK-60
Barcodes 1D/2D/Others
Processing Time Less than 1 second per scan
Image Recognition Real Time
GUI Intuitive, multi user control
Supported Media Paper/Plastic/Glass/Metal/Polythene etc.
Usability Easy to use and Configure, Remote login and Maintenance, IOT ready system
Usage Can be integrated with any POS