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Gridbots Glasso is integrated machine vision solution for float glass inspection. It is fully automated, online system for continuous glass inspection. It uses latest machine vision technology in optical vision to identify defects above 100 microns in real time at speeds of 20 meters / minute.

The system checks various defects such as blisters, stones, checks, open blisters, spot, chipping, scratches, marks in real time and provide feedback to pick and place system.

The user can save the receipe as per his requirements. The receipt can be based on defects types, number of defects and sizes. Based on the receipt the system can decide whether to pack or reject the item.

Item Size Modular System Can be adjusted to any glass width
Inspection System Gridbots Glasso
Material SS
Inspection Speed 20 Meters/Minute
Camera Make Gridbots
Feed Capacity Continuous
Electrical Supply 230 Volt Single Phase
Defect Marking Phyical and Single Based
Defects Blister, Stones, Spots, Chipping, Scratches, Marks etc
GUI Intutive, Multi user Control
Receipe Based on Defect Size
Controller Gridbots

20 Meters/Minute Conveyor Speed

100 Microns and above defect size

Optical Vision Based

Online Hi Speed Inspection

Blister, Stones, Spots, Chipping, Scratches, Marks

Clear, Pattern and Solar Float Glass

Visual Defect Marking System

Realtime Results

IOT Ready