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Gridbots clear glass Inspection System Glasso is capable of automatic inspection of bottles up-to 100 pieces per minute.

Depending on requirement, the system can have 3-5 HD inspection cameras for base, top, finish, measurement defects.

The system can detect defects above 50 microns and can sort items based on quality and defects.

Model Number GB-GLASSO
Dimensions [LxBxH] 2000x100x1500 mm
Rated Speed 100 Parts per minute
Camera(s) Upto 5
Inspection Area 360 Degree Inspection/Top/Bottom
Minimum Defect Size 50 uM Onwards
Geometry Support Bottle/Glass/Tube/Vial
Size Range 20-200 mm
Power Consumption 1000W - 230V A.C.
Interfaces USB 3.0
Weight 200 kg

Low Power

Upto 100 PPM

5 Cameras

360 Degree Inspection

Top/Bottom Inspection

Glass, Bottle, Tube, Vial

50 uM Resolution

Realtime Results

USB 3.0