Ground Zero


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This is a fully functional bomb disposal/IED Robot which can be operated remotely from a safe distance and can be used to de active the bomb or any hazardous object by minimizing the risk of human life.

The robot is explosion proof and can handle small explosions without affecting the performance.

It comes pre installed with color and thermal camera modules which relay the images to the remote locations and help the operator to control the operations safely. It also has gas/fumes sensor which notifies the user about hazardous environment.




Battery Operated

Mil Grade

All Weather

6 Hrs Runtime

Encrypted Comm

Tracks Option

Autonomous Mode and XRay Option

Light Weight


Model Number - GB-GZ
Electronics & Sensors - On-board computer with overheat protection , compass, accelerometer, inclinometer, Radiacsensor kit, x-ray
Height - 40 cm with manipulator in stowed position, 200 cm with manipulator fully extended
Width - 50 cm
Length - 100 cm with flippers stowed , 120 cm with flippers
Weight - 70 KG including batteries
Drive System - Rugged 4 Wheel Drive with inflated wheel or Track Based
Mobility - 6 km/h max speed, Slope–45 degree, stair climbing -yes, water depth -4 inch, All weather
Communications - Digital 2.4GHz, 2 Way Audio Communication, Headphone with microphone, encrypted communication
Power - Batteriesand Battery Chargers, Runtime 6 hours
Camera - Digital (10x) and Optical (36x)
Payload - 50 Kg
Rugged 15” Laptop OCU
2 Link Manipulator Arm
Gripper Camera
2 way audio communication
Dismounted firing circuit
Headphone w/ microphone
Batteries and Battery Charger
Multi Sensor Kit
Sleve packs
Radiac sensor kit
Dual accessory port payload adaptor
Rugged , sealed hardened case
Users manual & user documentation
gridCONTROL software license
Rugged 4 wheel drive with inflated wheels for all terrain manoeuvring.