Hexapod Platform

Precise Positioning

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This is an industrial/research grade 6 DOF Positioning platform which can take a payload of 50 Kg and can maintain an accuracy of 50 Microns in translation and 20 micro radians in rotation.

All the actuators work in parallel - To ensure rapid position change and high stiffness. The system can be used for parts machining - alignment and positioning system.


Micron Resolution

Just 600 Watts

Virtual Pivot

Windows GUI

Easy to Install

High Rigidity

Machine Vision

Fast Response and Small Footprint


Model Number GB-HP
Drive Configuration 6 parallel links
Payload 50 Kg [ Direct Loading ]
Mounting Base 10 Inches Dia
Material Steel
Motion Precision 50 Microns / 20 Micro Radians
Power 24V/10Ah Battery or D.C. Supply
Securing Mounts M12 Mount Array