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Gridbots inspectic is one of the highest speed image inspection system in the world which can measure items at a staggering speed of 200 Recognition per second.

It provides fast, easy, consistent inspection for industrial and research uses.With automatic edge and orientation detection, sub pixel processing, in-built lens aberration minimisation, large depth of view and many other features.

The system uses high speed GigE cameras which can work at a distances upto 100 meters.

FOV 25-90 Degree
Power Consumption 5W
Interfaces GPIO based I/O
Camera Pixel Size 6.0 x 6.0μm
Accuracy 50 Microns Onwards
No of Measurements Upto 12000 Per Minute

Edge Detection

Sub pixel Processing

Logo/Shape/Print Inspection

Easy Setup

Integrated Data Management

Multi spectral Lights

Upto 12000 Parts/Minute

Easy Setup

Multiple GPIO's