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This is a magnetic crawler which can climb vertical and inclined surface using strong magnets built inside the body of the robot. This crawler is useful in inspection and operations relating to surface quality analysis, defect inspection or welding and grinding work on the ferromagnetic structures.

The robot is internally powered by four strong geared motors and pedometer sensor to track the motion increment. The robot is rugged in nature and can climb on planar surfaces as well.

This robot is useful in the dirty and dangerous environment specially where manual inspection and operations are not possible.


NDFeB Magnets

Remote Inspections

Can Climb planar Surface

Speed 10 mm/second

Pulling Force 10 kg

Omni directional Motion using Remote Control


Grinder and welding


Model Number GB-MC
Wheel Four Wheel Drive
Payload Upto 10 Kg
Magnets NDFeB Magnets
Speed 10 MM/Sec
Motion Resolution 10 MM
Cable Length 10/20/30 Meter
Robot Weight 6 Kg
Motion Omni Directional
Attachments Camera, Grinder, Welding
Remote Control Cable/Wireless
Material Aluminium