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Gridbots PATTMAN is one of the fastest 2D barcode readers available in the market today with a whopping speed of upto 200 decodes / second it beats all the available 2D barcode decoders in the market with a margin of 300%.

The system can read and decode QRCODE - PDF417 - Datamatrix - Aztec barcodes with high accuracy and speed. The system is based on 64 Bit architecture and can store the data for more than 1 year in standalone configuration.

It consumes less than 20 Watts of power and comes with multiple option for interfacing ranging from Wi-Fi , Ethernet - Serial - I2C - SPI - CanBus.

Model Number GB-2D-DCD
Dimensions [LxBxH] 220 x 150 x 25 mm
Read Rate 200 Hz
Trigger Mode External and Free Running
FOV 45-65 Degree [HxV]
Power Consumption 20W - 12 V
Interfaces Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Serial/I2C/SPI/CANBus
Weight 750 g
Pixel Size 6.0 x 6.0μm
TAG SIZE Minimum - 10x10 mm

Low Distortion Optics and Electronics

64 Bit CPU Inside

Upto 200 Decodes.per Second

Integrated Lights

Multiple Bar Code Reading in real time.

200 Hz Reading Rate

750 g Weight

Easy Setup

20 Watts of Power