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PHYSIO is a precisely engineered robot which solves the biggest challenge to the upper extremity body rehabilitation automation.

The robot is built using carbon fiber which is as strong as steel and light as feather.

The robot is controller using Artificially intelligent software which can learn and monitor the patient’s actual condition in realtime.

Using latest machine learning techniques it can utilise best in class algorithms to assist the recovery of the patient in a methodical and clinically correct way.


1200 BY 900 MM Area Covered by Arm


15 KG Weight

COBOT Compliant

Easy to Install

100 Microns Position Resolution

Integrated Software

Peak Force 58 N and 2D Plane


Model Number GB-MH-PHYSIO
Load Capacity 5 Kg Pull/Push Force
Reach 1200x1000 mm Rectangular Envelope
Joint Speed 1-100 Degree Per Second
Motion Controller gridMOVE
Safety COBOT Compliant
Power Consumption 400 Watts/36V D.C.
Weight 15 Kg
Machine Learning Integrated in Software
Cloud Connectivity Real time Data Delivery/Monitoring at Expert's panel