Sausr Beta


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This is a rugged Underwater Service Robot which can be operated remotely using the Remote Control and can be used inside Ponds, River Beds for removing the silt or mud deposited on the base.

The Robot has Two pairs of Twin - Counter Rotating Brushes which will enable it to scrap all kinds of deposits and then subsequently throw out all that with a powerful on board pump or an optional on board replaceable filters.

The complete Robot is made from Special grade Stainless Steel which makes it 100% rust proof - even during prolonged use and even in acidic mediums.


Battery Option


50m Rating

100% Waterproof

Rust Free

Twin Camera

Fast Deployment

High Efficiency


Model Number GB-SAUSR BETA
Software Automatic / Manual Control
Operable Depth 50 M
Drive Type Chain Tracks
Power Supply Single Phase A.C
Under Water Vision Twin Pan Tilt Camera
Payload Capacity 100 Kg
Control Unit Onboard 32 bit
Onboard Light LED Flood Lights
Linear Speed 5 cm/Second
Continuous Operation Upto 1000 hrs