Sleuth Hound

360 pan-tilt-automatic tracking camera

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This is a 360 Degree Pan and 360 Tilt Camera which can work in harsh environments.

The Camera comes with automatic lens cleaning system as an option. The camera can rapidly move to a desired position and has servo drive mechanism which helps it to move to a predefined position and lock. The camera is rugged and comes in explosion proof packing.

With very small footprint and agile actuators - It is one of the best option to secure premises or provide all round security.




Battery Operated

22/27/36x Lens

Auto Track Option

Rapid Response

User GUI

High Precision

360 Pan and 360 Tilt

Light/Thermal Mount


Model Number GB-CAM-SLH
Degree of Freedom 2
Optical Zoom 27 / 30x
Digital Zoom 10x
Pan Limit 360 Degree
Tilt Limit 360 Degree
Pan / Tilt Rated Speed (Adjustable) 90 Degree Per Second
Hardware interface RS 485, RS 232, USB
Internet Connectivity Yes(Optional)
Control Software XML Configurable
Control Software(Seperately Sold) Motion Tracking, Blob Tracking, ROI Tracking