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Delta Robot based High Speed Pick and Place Solution

- Pick and Place up to 300 bottles / minute.

- Automatic speed adjustment – according to bottle flow– no configuration required.

- Variable Bottle Diameter and Heights accepted.

- Automatic Counter for counting number of bottle per pick.

- Any matrix acceptable for filling.

- Fallen bottles to be rejected before picking sequence.

- Lowest power consumption in industry (500W).

- Bottle Stacking Mechanism and flipper for aligning bottles before picking.

- Automatic Tray clamping and Indexing Conveyor.

- A tray of 10 rows is filled in less than 20 seconds.

- Avoid human touch completely – win new clients.

Patented Bottle Gripping System

- Bottles can be of various sizes and shapes, diameter and height.

- Collection efficiency > 99%.

- Force Sensing on Gripper Fingers.

- Automatic Fail Safe.

- No effect on Bottle Neck during Gripping [ Verified by Customers].

Fastest Installation Time in Industry

- Entire Robotic System can be installed on conveyor in less than two days.

Easy Configuration - For Multiple Jobs

- Minimum job change time.

- Easy to use with minimum operator training.

- Multiple jobs can be managed by central console.