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This is a miniature robot which can be used to inspect and perform operations in various sizes of pipes ranging from 150 mm to 5000 mm.

The robot can work in extreme environment and can carry payloads ranging from 1 Kg to 50kg inside the pipeline. The robot is equipped with water proof camera and waterproof drive motors.

It comes with onboard and off board power supply and distance sensors which help the robot to move inside the pipes in autonomous modes.


Battery Operated

1Kg to 50Kg Payload

Steel Material

Night Vision HD Camera

50 Meter Cable Length

180 Degree Pan and Tilt

Water Proof Camera

Water Proof Drive Motor


Model Number GB/UWR/GS
Length 500 mm
Height 150 mm
Width 150 mm
Build Material Steel
Camera Night Vision HD
Umbilical Cable Length 50 Meters Infrared Illuminator on board
Camera 180 Degree Pan and Tilt 6 Powered Actuators