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A Self contained Camera based vision system which can Decode all kind of text in any font or Hand Written text in real time.

The system can detect text as small as 1 mm size to 500 mm in size without any change in setting and can decode at a staggering rate of 10 Hz for a full A4 Page.

With Neural Network Engine in the background the system can auto learn the printed and hand written text in no-time and adapt itself.

Enormous applications like item Track-N-Trace - Bank/Insurance automated document digitisation - inventroy tracking and many other can be built using Gridbots Textminer.

Dimensions [LxBxH] 50x100x50 mm
Read Rate 10 Hz
Light In-Built
Object Size Minimum :1 mm / Maximum : 500 mm
Text Type Printed and Hand written
Error Rates Less than 3%
Power Consumption 20W @ 12 V
Interfaces Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Serial/I2C/SPI/CANBus
Weight 500g
Trigger Mode External and Free Running

Low Distortion Optics and Electronics

10 Hz Read Rate

Precise Results

Low Power Consumption

X,Y,Z Location of text

Auto Learn

Fast Response

Automation API's

Cloud Option