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Home » Machine Vision » zSCAN [ 3D Profile Scanner ]

This is a laser based high precision profile scanner which can scan 1000 profiles per second and output the data in binary/text format.

The system can read even black marks on black surfaces without any problem.

The system can be used to measure vibrations - read scratches - measure profile straightness in realtime as well.

Model Number GB-zSCAN
Dimensions [LxBxH] 60 mm x 60 mm x 180 mm
Update Rate 250 Hz
Resolution 50 μm
Pixel Size 6.0 x 6.0 μm
Horizontal Resolution 750 Points
Baseline 100 mm
Illumination Red Laser Line [10mW]
Trigger Control TTL - Rising Edge
Power Consumption 20W - 12 V
Interfaces TTL - Serial @ 1Mbps
Weight 250g

250 Hz Update Rate

50 Micron Z Resolution

RS-232 O/P

6 DOF Pose Estimation

Interchangeable Optics

Attachment Edge / Top Taply

Low Power Consumption

Box Drop Alarm

Fast ROI