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Ultra High Speed Scara Robot

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Gridbots High Performance SCARA Robot is perfect companion for activities requiring high speed and precision.

The system is suitable mechanical assembly, material handling, high speed pick and place and machine tending.

With Gridbots gridMove™ based motion controller,gridEye™ based machine vision system and gridJaw™ based customized Gripping & Stacking Solutions clients does not require any other vendor for fully integrated solutions to solve their most challenging problem.


Upto 150 Parts/Min

Just 800 Watts

Food Grade Ready

Easy Maintenance

Easy to Install

Robotic Swarm

Integrated Machine Vision

Fast ROI and Precise


Model Number GB-MH-RAPI-MOV
Work Envelop Semi Circular Radius - 415 mm
Optional Z Axis 50 mm
Cycle Time 0.4 Seconds
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Payload Upto 5 Kg
System Weight 25 Kg
Certification Food Grade, CE Compliant